by  CamillaflEUR

     "I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one."  

-Edna St Vincent Millay   


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Camille and Julian created Juharo Weddings to offer both Video & Floral Design to couples for their wedding day.  After working and living in New York City for close to ten years, Camille Broderick, wife of Julian Rodier, found her way back home to Massachusetts.  While working at Saltbox Farm in Concord, MA a new love blossomed while she helped grow a flower garden.  This lead to a growing curiosity, several courses and stages in floral design with Emily Thompson, Saipua, The Little Brooklyn Flower School, and endless inspiration from the natural world.  Her style is romantic and elegant, yet in the end, the flowers speak for themselves.  

"Flowers have a purpose beyond aesthetic, by picking and caring for them you enjoy them tenfold.  

As we prune, clean their stems, and place them in fresh water, the room fills with their intoxicating aromas. Drunk on sweet earth we arrange them; cradling, twisting and bundling these individual gems together for others to see.  Because from the moment they bloom, to the moment they are picked, our time with them is too fleeting."



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