Julian Haas Rodier (Ju-Ha-RO)

At the heart of my art is capturing beautiful stories through inspiring cinematography and crafted editing. Each and every wedding day is a unique story that I believe can be told thoughtfully. Through video we evoke the emotion that was present on that original day. 

I have always been enthralled by life-changing moments in one's life, but it wasn't until I filmed my first wedding five years ago that I fell in love with telling the wedding story.  I am inspried by the beauty casted by each little detail, and the moments that happen between your closest friends and family.  

photo credit:  amy bennett photography

I grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, so the ocean is my playground, and the mountains hold a special place in my heart. Filming first began as a hobby, but now has become my career and my dream job. Juharo Weddings is now based in the beautiful coastal town of Newburyport, MA.  


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Camille Broderick Rodier

Since I was a little girl I always loved being outside. Growing up in rural Virginia and Massachusetts, my childhood was always spent with nature.  In the springtime I remember escaping into the woods, drinking fresh nectar from wild honeysuckle and in the winter making snow angels under a pine canopy.

Since those young days, I have ventured into many avenues down my professional path, from hospitality management and working as a sommelier, to running a luxury fashion boutique on Madison Avenue and apprenticing as an interior decorative painter on Nantucket island.  One thing that remains present and a constant along the way is beauty, authenticity and tactile experiences.  With flowers, I found a a new place where these passions of mine collide.

camille 2.jpg

In 2015 I met Julian, ironically at a wedding.  One year later we were married and our creative passions immediately overlapped.  Together, we share a vision for inspiring stories and projects, as we explore new places and meet new people.  We formed Juharo Weddings to share our energy and create beautiful moments for other couples.  By offering both video, floral design, and event planning we want to help make your day come to life.

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